Sunday, July 18, 2010

Installation and Configuration of SOA_Suite 10g in Windows

Following are the Installation steps to be followed to install soa_suite 10g (basic install) on windows:

1) Click the setup.exe to launch installation, installation will check the minimum system requirements.

2) Choose the Installation directory for eg: C:\product\\OracleAS_1, select Installation Type as Basic Install, Enter the Instance name and Password, click Next

3) The Installation will start and please wait while the copying of files finishes.

3) In the configuration window, make sure all recommended types completes successfully.

4) Please wait all the configuration ends successfully. at the end of installation please copy the installation details to notepad and click exit

5) Go to Start -> Oracle- SOA_Suite-> Start SOA suite

6) After SOA suite starts, Open Internet explorer and try opening the following URLs:

Oracle Application Server: http://hostname or ipaddress:8888/

BPEL Console: http://
hostname or ipaddress:8888/BPELConsole

ESB Console: http://
hostname or ipaddress:8888/esb

Rules Author: http://
hostname or ipaddress:8888/ruleauthor/

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