Friday, October 26, 2012

Installing Repository Creation Utility aka RCU to support SOA suite

In this post i will describe the installation of repository creation utility. The RCU creates all the needed schemas required by the SOA Suite.

1) download the RCU installation here:
download the RCU from Oracle technology networks--> downloads.

2) extract the above downloaded software and inside rcuHome create a file called install_rcu.bat as below. we need to set the RCU_JDBC_TRIM_BLOCKS=TRUE to support Oracle XE database for Oracle SOA suite.

3) Click on install_rcu.bat to start the installation. welcome screen appears click next.

3) Choose ‘Create’ to create new schema and click next.

4) Make sure the DB is up and running (in my installation example, navigate to D:\oraclexe\app\oracle\product\10.2.0\server\BIN\StartDB.bat).
Enter the Database details and click next.

5) When runing the express XE Oracle DB you will receive the following Warning (click ‘Ignore’):

6) For Oracle SOA Suite 11g installation , choose the ‘SOA and BPM Infrastructure’. Verify that when choosing the SOA checkbox, the ‘Metadata Services’
checkbox under ‘AS Common Schemas’ is being choosen as well:

7) Enter the password for the new created schemas. You can choose to use the same password for all schemas or different password for each schema. click next

8) Leave the default parameters and click next.

9) Click OK.

10) Verify the database details and note down the Schema Owner details and click create

11) Verify all components were complete successfully:



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